3-4 year olds:
Ages 3-4 Learn Ballet and Tap; fun a creative developmental exercises are taught to improve skills such as balance, coordination, learning right and left, and following directions. All combined with age appropriate, fun routines that our 3-4 year olds love!
5-6 year olds:
Ballet, Tap AND JAZZ…. Jazz is a fun addition for our 5-6 yr old dancers, and we incorporate Learning better flexibility in with our jazz curriculum. Our 5-6 yr old dancers learn THREE styles of dance and perform them at our annual show.
7-9 year olds:
Ballet, Tap AND JAZZ…. Building on from our 5-6 age classes, the 7-9 year olds have more coordination and a longer attention span so we are able to teach them more detailed skills. We continue to teach the main skills and knowledge needed to be successful in any style of dance with this knowledge. The 7-9 yr old classes perform Ballet, Jazz, and Tap at the recital as well.
10+ year olds:
Reinforcing the fundamentals of Ballet, Jazz and Tap and adding in Lyrical…Lyrical is a form of Ballet, with movements that are more free from the structure of Ballet, all while retaining the technique needed. Perform 3 routines at recital.
Hip Hop:
A fun, high energy, street style of dance that is similar to jazz, but with a little less structured dance style. All Hip Hop classes perform their routines at the recital.
Jazz & Tap class for boys only. **BOYS tuition is FREE the first year ** includes Registration Fee/Recital Fee/costumes; 2nd year+ for boys will be ½ price.
Adult Combination class is Jazz and Tap with some experience.  Join us for a fun time, with lots of learning! This class performs both routines at recital.
STARTING IN NOVEMBER, Fun class for dads to build memories with their Daughters; Recital performance is always the hit of the show!




Hip Hop




November 11-15

Costume Sizing Week